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2014 Suzie Noel Update:

     Suzie, soon to be 14, has a new card line out which reflects her maturation! She also has illustrated a new children’s book, virtues based, which her mother ‘Bonmom’, wrote, entitled The Willow Tree.  Later this year, her Suz-Art Coloring Book and Dream Story Journal will be published.

     Suzie has also been successfully home schooled for the past 3 years. Because of her vivid imagination, reaching her to teach her has been a ‘project’. On-line interactive education has been the answer. One product that has assisted greatly in Suzie's 'focus' is laminine, a human growth hormone, and for more information or to order please go to: Extra curricular activities include swim team, zumba, basketball, voice, piano, acting, dancing, and singing in her church choir! She is learning Spanish on her own, thanks to her iPad!

      "At we signed up to Ailey's website fall of 2013 for our daughter Suzie, who loves to sing and wanted to learn Spanish. Suzie, whom we home school and has autism, learns very well through music. She loves the English song selections and has now mastered 3 of the songs in Spanish! She says that Sing2Talk brings her joy."

      She loves performing and recently wrote, composed her first song entitled: By Living In the Moment. Her dream is to write 13 more songs and have her own CD. Her voice teacher learned that she had perfect pitch, so the song writing process was amazing!

      Just this past year, Bonnie and Michael celebrated a decade of Suzie being their forever daughter! She is truly their greatest teacher. Her compassion, honesty, talents, and tenacity amaze them. They feel so blessed to call her theirs.

Suzline new card line and books may be purchased at
Living Bookends Bookstore
New Thought Center for Spiritual Living
Corner of Tenth Street and C Ave, Lake Oswego, OR

Suzie Lin Noel is a talented awe-tistic artist
and adoptee through Christian Family Adoptions,
Proceeds: 5% Autism Treatment Center of America,
Remainder - Suzie's college fund.

503.590.7366 Email
13574 SW Mint Place Tigard, OR. 97223

What others have said:

"Suzie Noel has true talent. She could have her own
clothes line called Suz Line! She is brilliant, great,
and it is an honor to know both of you."

Ano Yousiffian Executive Director
and art educator of Ano's Art ... An Academy for Creative Minds August 2007

"Suzie Noel is very imaginative and a very gifted artist for her age. Her art work brings me much joy and happiness."
Lilian Dixson, retired artist and art teacher

When working with children who have autism it is of
the up most importance to remember that:
"Comfort and acceptance; more interaction. Discomfort
and judgment; more withdrawn."

Raun Kaufman,
Autism Center of America, Option Institute


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